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#56189 Oovee updates regarding Spintires

Posted by Tony Fellas - Oovee on 18 February 2015 - 08:30 AM

Oovee updates regarding Spintires


We openly admit that communications between Oovee and our customers have been weak over the last few months. Our customer base grew far beyond what we initially expected and we needed to cater for that quickly – the development plans became sketchy and before we knew it we had a runaway train. Please accept our apologies.


We are changing the way we work, for good! Oovee is now being streamlined and the way we work is much more structured, and that’s thanks to the recent team meeting we had from both sides of the pond. Another team meeting is scheduled for March which we will discuss internally more of what is said below, plus other things.


In the past there has been speculation regarding the relationship between Oovee and our programming god, Pavel. Yes - no relationship goes without its problems, however, we have settled the communication issues that we have had in the past.


Some of you have been expressing your disappointment regarding the miscommunication between various Social Media outlets. From now on, any statements made by Oovee will be translated into a suitable language for the Social Media geographical base. Communication will be synchronised.


Testing / QA and new Experimental / Dev branches.


Our testing and QA program in the past has been flawed. We have opened the door to a new idea which involves a 2 stage Testing/QA program.

Firstly, ‘builds’ will be tested internally by a group of dedicated people – feedback will be collected and then a new ‘build’ is produced with necessary fixes. After this, we will open the ‘build’ to a larger group of selected people with a wide variety of computer configurations.


Once we are all satisfied that the build passes our stringent QA test, it will be made publically available in the form of a ‘stable release’. This will be automatically downloaded by our customers.


Introducing to you a new Experimental / Dev branch that will soon be available on Steam for you to opt-in. This will include new features and changes to Spintires for you to experience and provide us with your feedback. If feedback is positive, some of those new features developed here will be seen in the ‘stable release’ version at a later date.


The available branches to choose will be the following;


-          Stable (current)

-          Previous

-          Experimental/Dev


Future update roadmap.


Our intention is to release updates to the ‘stable release’ once per month minimum, with interim bug fixes in-between. There is an update currently being tested that includes a fix for the G27 steering wheel support & Mp saves relating to the Steam timeout issue.


Moving forwards, our next large update will include ‘Mod support’ expected in early April.


The next is scheduled for early May, which will include a ‘Cockpit camera view’!


Further announcements on these new features will follow soon.


DLC Path


There has been controversy within the community over our decisions with DLC, however we can happily confirm that a new DLC is heading your way this summer. Expect us to spring some more details on you regarding this over the coming months.


The next Spintires


How can we possibly talk about the next iteration of Spintires when we still haven’t finished improving the current version of Spintires? Well to be fair, software is never finished and we understand that. But with the huge success of the Spintires release, it’s kind of a no-brainer but to continue the franchise and create an even better game with a larger team and a larger budget.


So with great pleasure we can confirm that planning has commenced for the next iteration of Spintires, whatever form it may come in. It is suggested not to ask too many questions about it because we simply cannot answer them just yet.




Thank you all for your continued support, it takes great pleasure to provide you with your dreams of the best off-roading experience available to the digital world. Let’s toast to the future of Spintires!

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#63928 Mod Workshop 1st Look!

Posted by Tony Fellas - Oovee on 17 April 2015 - 09:44 AM

As you know we are working hard to add the Mod Workshop to Spintires, we are pleased so share some screenshots of the WIP. We still estimate delivery early May but it is looking great so far.
Please don't ask too many questions at this stage, we just wanted to share the progress so you know it is definitely coming!!
Attached File  1.jpg   75.78KB   3239 downloadsAttached File  2.jpg   59.4KB   880 downloadsAttached File  3.jpg   139.49KB   779 downloadsAttached File  shott.jpg   104.94KB   1129 downloadsAttached File  shott1.jpg   131.83KB   882 downloadsAttached File  truck1.jpg   144.12KB   1152 downloads
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#81516 DEV231015 - Update Release + Changelog

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 23 October 2015 - 05:10 PM

Hi everyone,
Today we are bringing you the long awaited update... a lot of time has been spent on killing all of the major bugs over the last 10 builds, but please be aware that there may be some very minor bugs still existing in this build. We hope that you will be understanding with the next bit of information: -
Workshop is ready, with some finishing off to do – however, the remaining programming that needs to be done could not be completed until this build was stable. This is where we had to make a decision, either 1) release the update as it stands, with workshop and the editors to follow over the coming weeks, or 2) break the news to you that you would not be receiving the update that is ready to be released, until workshop and the editors were ready to go.
After much consideration, we have made the decision to release this stable iteration of the update, minus full workshop implementation and the editors due to them being incomplete at this time.
However, there is a silver lining to every cloud. There are five new trucks and some modified original trucks available, that are the first official content available via workshop by Oovee. Of course, it is one of the most stable and tested builds we have released.
We have the following new trucks, that are available via workshop (pictured below):

  • B-66                                                                                             
  • B-131
  • C-4310
  • D-537
  • K-700

Attached File  Screenshot1.jpg   113.59KB   983 downloadsAttached File  screenshot2.jpg   122.5KB   731 downloadsAttached File  screenshot3.jpg   121.56KB   641 downloads

Please note that mods were previously tolerated despite the contradiction of our EULA, however, it is important to note that these mods are a form of hacking and we have not officially supported mods up until this point. Workshop is our way of giving our player base the opportunity to upload and download mods directly from one central hub - although up until this point, they have been hosted on this forum and on a number of other sites.
It is important to note that all is not lost - we will endeavour to find a way to support both Workshop and non-Workshop modding, by what means we see fit and effective.
For those modders that have created trucks, the truck/mod editor will be available soon and will allow the user to create a mod directly in the editor and export to Steam Workshop.
For those modders that have created maps, the map editor will be available soon and will entail a conversion of the map to the most up to date version in order to be playable.
Please note, that if you read the Original Post for this update you will see that what we need for mod support to work in its entirety is not far behind our reach. Please remain patient and more details will be confirmed in due course.
Now, we will show you the long changelog for your viewing.

- folder/file structure changes
- maps cosmetic changes (+ as a bonus "bushes" spawn location at Proving grounds now works)
- truck format change (mass selector instead of numeric input) + maz7310/535/kirovets700 properties changed slightly
- winch bugfix: stop suggesting winch when attaching different winch (multiple winch MP bug not yet fixed)
- MP bug: wheels not spinning for 4x players game (was a major network bug affecting all MP games, be it 2,3 or 4 players)
- assets improvements (log cart fixes, wooden bridge, logs texture, leaves textures)
- multiple broken achievements bugfixes (fisherman, david, various objective achievements)
- some performance optimisations (collision check when spawning trailers/trucks)
- visual fix: tracks now visible over "dirt bridge"
- "lying spruce" properties changed a bit (more traction so ites easier to get over it)


- logs penetrating trucks in multiplayer fix
- assets updated (wooden bridge, log load stacks, kraz log cart, ground leaves)
- achievements fixes
- objectives completion fixes
- shader misses removed, shader cache size reduces (optimisation and fix)
- long logs trailer removes
- kraz red lights addon removed
- maps improvements


- "tossing" trucks critical bug fixed
- small trees break threshold reduced (uaz469 driving performance!)
- gaz66 stripped off hissing sounds
- servers made incompativle with all previous versions (including leaked beta)
- logs falling off randomly and hanging in midair fixed
- multiplayer winch points out of reach while they shouldnt be
- minor "the Hill" map fixes
- uaz469 accelerations speed reduced
- after "Install missing mods" pressed, remove "missing mods" trucks
- crash happening after "Install missing mods"
- wooden bridge made solid (no unfair holes)
- minor visual tweaks


- garage scrollbar position preserved
- physics fixes for some of the trucks/trailer (capsized carriage trailer)
- trailer rear camera placement fixes
- multiplayer client wheels correct visualisation
- "install missing mods" button in lobby for clients
- uncloaking path synced across players in multiplayer
- multiplayer events notifications (player delivers load, removes cloaking, unlocks garage)
- bug: unlocked garages/removed cloaking/finished objectives not recieved when joining game
- bug: other players' icons still visible after leaving server
- some sounds/assets tweaked
- exploit: unlock achievements by joining games with finished maps
- winch snapping off in multiplayer
- bug: going fullscreen with steam enabled glitches
- maps changes (The Hill mostly)


- localisation fixes
- RU localisation added for new strings
- maz535,maz7310 made more powerfull + diff lock imrpovements
- forest crane rotation bug fixed
- multiplayer truck intercollision glitches fixes
- carriage trailer wheels changed
- camera auto-zoom removed upon user requests
- spawn truck crash fix


- minor GUI fixes
- minor winch/loading fixes
- kirovets steering fix
- minor multiplayer collision fixes
- lobby/server active achievements status fix
- minor map fixes


- camera moves correctly while using multiplay chat
- improvements to truck/mud physics (engine power, dynamics and traction)
- multiplayer log sync redone : instead of trying to sync phys bodies - one player can now ask to acquire load ownership
- icon now shows if multiplayer player is currently browsing game menu (paused)
- forest crane helper visualisation and camera fixes
- cant start lobby unless all but 1 members are "ready"
- widescreen UI clipping fix
- check truck spawn location (dev mode) for intersections
- multiplayer truck interactions fix


- sounds changed (chat sounds, log sounds, gaz-66 sounds, some env sounds)
- mud physics changed
- vehicle behavious changed (gearbox and diff lock)
- level Hill changed (road at the start)
- level Volcano changed (bugs with water)
- all levels tweaked
- truck-choosing dialog speed up
- mods reloaded, truck format changed slightly
- multiplayer sync fixed/improved
- truck stuck / game crash after changing wheels (bug)
- bug with mod dialog buttons inactive fixed
- bug with cloaking not being removed from minimap properly
- wheeltrack visual bugs
- new messagebox when attempting to change time in hardcore/multiplayer (nav mode)
- new crane helper visualisation implemented
- graphics tuned (night time mostly)
- installed mods dont disable achievements (bug)


- Network traffic reduced 3-4 times
- multiplayer trucks interaction improved greatly
- animated physical driver in all trucks
- new trucks (zil-131, kamaz-4310, kirovets-700, maz-537, gaz-66)
- old assets remastered (ural-4320/432010, kamaz-6520/6522, map assets - trees, log heaps)
- maps improved (visually and balance-wise)
- gameplay improved (hardcore = manual log loading only, ability to pick startup trucks for each map)
- new addons (new forest crane, trailers with ability to deliver loads/logs)
- mod support (ingame mod browser + automatic mod download, mod certification by official staff)
- graphics improvements (new tyre track system, mud detalisation increased, special effects etc)
- new trucks sound system (sounds remastered, each truck with unique sound)
- ingame mod testing with ability to reload textures and assets
- Notepad++ plugins (XML visual editing with Truck Editor)
- trucks XML format changed (simplified greatly for ease of modding)
- many many performance optimisations, bug/crash fixes
- nvidia stereo fixes (now working correctly 100%)


- kamaz 4310!
- sound system reworked!
- map/trees changes
- no auto-loading in hardcore; instead we have "log kiosks"


- sounds improved
- bugs fixed
- levels updated
- graphics imrpoved


- batch-update since 13/04/15
- only ENGLISH localisation works for now!!!
- new dev level with dev tools
- new vehicles, addons, wheels
- mud visuals and physics updated!!!
- wheel tracks visuals updated!!!
- lots of graphical improvements!
- various GUI improvements!
- truck sounds improvements!
- optimisations and bugfixes
- k-700 steering mechanism implemented
- minor map tweaks
- map balance feature introduced!

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#44229 DEV031214 - Free content incoming

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 03 December 2014 - 11:18 AM

Hi all,


There have been many updates over the last few weeks, but what we have been keeping nice and quiet is the content that has been in development in the background.


Working in partnership with our publisher, IMGN, we have agreed on the development of new maps - and the first one is almost ready to go! With a few last tweaks and the testing to be complete, I hope to have my hands on the finished product very soon.


I will post more information about the map itself in due course.


A release date has not been set, but as soon as the completed map has been received - it will uploaded to Steam immediately and as announcement will be made.


Here are some screenshots for you all to see of the new map.....


Attached File  001.jpg   110.85KB   619 downloadsAttached File  008.jpg   76.99KB   457 downloads

Attached File  009.jpg   110.81KB   458 downloadsAttached File  010.jpg   104.07KB   447 downloads

Attached File  014.jpg   127.67KB   445 downloadsAttached File  018.jpg   136.32KB   402 downloads

Attached File  021.jpg   125.84KB   405 downloadsAttached File  026.jpg   112.63KB   409 downloads

Attached File  003.jpg   187.19KB   427 downloadsAttached File  004.jpg   157.29KB   447 downloads

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#93784 DEV080316 - Next Update: preview teaser

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 08 March 2016 - 08:45 PM

Hello everyone,


After the last couple of weeks with our bug problems and subsequent fix, we mentioned that we stopped work on the update that we have been working on since Christmas. So, after a weekend of recovery, we are now back working on the update. In the next week we expect to receive the update for testing and at that time we will let you know what new features are included, some of which you are going to love, and some bug fixes. But we will tell you now that this update will include full native support for the new "Steam Controller".


Below are some images from the forthcoming update. Don't ask any questions, because we won't answer them as we will give you details of the changelog when we receive it for testing.


For now, enjoy the screenshots. 


Old Drive shaft:                                                                            New Drive shaft:

Attached File  shot021316_140129.png   1.44MB   353 downloadsAttached File  shot021316_140159.png   1.45MB   289 downloads


Visual Navigation aids:

Attached File  shot020416_111244.png   785.78KB   206 downloadsAttached File  shot020416_154245.png   744.41KB   190 downloadsAttached File  shot030516_145138.png   1.07MB   163 downloads


Ural 375:

Attached File  shot022916_213430.png   1.31MB   201 downloadsAttached File  shot030216_112052.png   1.06MB   178 downloads


Attached File  shot022916_165942.png   1.27MB   189 downloadsAttached File  shot030616_205747.png   1.5MB   165 downloads

Tractor Suzies:

Attached File  shot030816_212350.png   998.74KB   200 downloadsAttached File  shot030816_215233.png   1.03MB   180 downloads


Terrain indirect lighting occlusion (Old):                                 Terrain indirect lighting occlusion (New):

Attached File  toccl_old.jpg   135.63KB   189 downloadsAttached File  toccl_new.jpg   133.14KB   189 downloads


Shadows Off:                                                                               Shadows On:

Attached File  nightshadow_off.jpg   87.07KB   171 downloadsAttached File  nightshadow_on.jpg   77KB   163 downloads


Old Bridge:                                                                                   New Bridge:

Attached File  shot021516_211740.png   1.34MB   196 downloadsAttached File  shot021516_211405.png   1.34MB   212 downloads

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#79259 DEV051015 - Update including workshop now in testing!

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 05 October 2015 - 04:50 PM

We are pleased to say that we have received and are testing the update we have been waiting for.  Below are details of what is included and further below details of why it was delayed. Also we expect the next update which will include the level editor in around a month. We expect to release the update within a few days.

- network traffic reduced 3-4 times
- multiplayer trucks interaction improved greatly
- animated physical driver in all trucks
- new trucks (zil-131, kamaz-4310, kirovets-700, maz-537, gaz-66)
- old assets remastered (ural-4320/432010, kamaz-6520/6522, map assets - trees, log heaps)
- maps improved (visually and balance-wise)
- gameplay improved (hardcore = manual log loading only, ability to pick startup trucks for each map)
- new addons (new forest crane, trailers with ability to deliver loads/logs)
- mod support (ingame mod browser + automatic mod download, mod certification by official staff)
- graphics improvements (new tyre track system, mud detalisation increased, special effects etc)
- new trucks sound system (sounds remastered, each truck with unique sound)
- ingame mod testing with ability to reload textures and assets
- Truck Editor application for mod testing and development
- Notepad++ plugins (XML visual editing with Truck Editor)
- trucks XML format changed (simplified greatly for ease of modding)
- many many performance optimisations, bug/crash fixes
- nvidia stereo fixes (now working correctly 100%)


- kamaz 4310!
- sound system reworked!
- map/trees changes
- no auto-loading in hardcore; instead we have "log kiosks"


- sounds improved
- bugs fixed
- levels updated
- graphics improved


- only ENGLISH localisation works for now!!!
- workshop implemented
- new dev level with dev tools
- new vehicles, addons, wheels
- mud visuals and physics updated!!!
- wheel tracks visuals updated!!!
- lots of graphical improvements!
- various GUI improvements!
- truck sounds improvements!
- optimisations and bugfixes
- k-700 steering mechanism implemented
- minor map tweaks
- map balance feature introduced!

Some details on the delay.
A few months ago we discovered some issues relating to primarily licensing. Unfortunately we had to deal with this, which involved legal advice. Consequently, we were unable to talk about this at all. Some of our senior staff and mods were made aware of this and we have kept them up to date on this throughout, however they were also not able to talk publicly.
Finally, last weekend, we were able to resolve these issues and move forward. These complications only stopped release, but not the development of Spintires which is now why we have the update and it is being tested as this is posted.
Many other things have happened and shortly we will announce more details of the future roadmap of Spintires and details of future ports to other platforms. We will also be seeing greatly expanded development team beginning this side of the new year.
We have never given up as some people may have thought and we have kept working on the future, enjoy the update and expect interesting news in the future.

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#64733 DEV240415 - More screenshots of WIP assets

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 24 April 2015 - 07:57 PM

Hello Everyone,

As you have seen over the last couple of weeks, we have shown you some screenshots of the Work In Progress 'Mod Support' and released a hotfix for the previous update. Although, I am sure some of you will say it wasn't really a hotfix because of the length of time to release.... so let's call it a patch from now on.

I have received some screenshots this week of some of the Work in Progress assets and I think some of you will be happy to see an update of them.

First off, we see the Zil 131 (in game name yet to be confirmed). This will be the first actual new truck to be added to the game since the release of Spintires.
Attached File  IMG_0039.JPG   134.74KB   541 downloads Attached File  IMG_0040.JPG   167.18KB   366 downloads

Secondly, we see the Kirovets (in game name yet to be confirmed) on a transport trailer. The Kirovets will be the first official workshop item to be released by Oovee.
Attached File  IMG_0038.JPG   121.97KB   494 downloads Attached File  IMG_0037.JPG   184.53KB   547 downloads

Lastly, we see the addition of a new crane - its full uses are yet to be confirmed, but could we be seeing some new loads or a new game mode for its uses?
Attached File  IMG_0042.JPG   163.13KB   434 downloads

Enjoy :)


*** New Screenshots received 25/04/15 ***


Attached File  car1.jpg   152.28KB   417 downloadsAttached File  car2.jpg   155.43KB   380 downloadsAttached File  car3.jpg   151.23KB   395 downloads

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#65945 Oovee updates regarding Spintires

Posted by Pavel Zagrebelnyy - Oovee on 07 May 2015 - 06:38 AM

Hello sirs!


Im still the only Spintires programmer, but we now have several good artists working on improving/extending the game:

- kirovets k-700 tractor, maz-537 added (Anton Smirnov provides sounds recordings)

- ural, maz, kamaz wheels remade, many more addons have small improvements here and there

- we have have kamaz-6520 and kamaz-6522 as a separate models (models improved too)

- ural remade, we how have both modifications of 4320 model. And as you could see on the pictures, new forest crane!)

- several addons that I dont yet have game mechanics ready for (crane, ural-bus, tank-carrier)

- zil-131, kamaz-4310 are ready too, which would be part of future updates.


Right now Im working on tools for the modders (from player standpoint mod support integration is finished, tools are only used by mod-makers).

I tried several approaches (the obvious one is visual truck editor). But in the end modders will have ability to view trucks/levels in both game and the editor, but the editing is still performed in text editor.

(because visual truck editor is not something I would use myself hence it will always be glitchy).


So Im writing several cool advanced plugins for Notepad++!

I also made improvements/adjustments to graphics, physics, performance and UI usability optimizations, map fixes.


So Im hard at work, trying to make new update happen ASAP.

Thanks to everyone interested in Spintires!

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#56223 Oovee updates regarding Spintires

Posted by Pavel Zagrebelnyy - Oovee on 18 February 2015 - 12:09 PM

Hello eveyone!

Apparently pictures of my "conversation" is now floating around here - ITS A FAKE!

I was pissed with our situation but I never said anything like it, and I dont really see a point of the guy who does it


Thanks to Tony our "communication" problems are now in the past, so expect new cool stuff for Spintires soon!

Best regards

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#58479 07/03/15 - Dev Diary

Posted by RobeN on 07 March 2015 - 01:40 PM

Hi there offroaders,

It’s been a while since last update thus we want to share some details about current state and progress of the next update. We are aware of G27 and some issues and want to assure you that we are working hard to solve them. Below you will find changelog of BETA builds. Unfortunately there is some more time needed to implement remaining features and fixes before sharing the build with you.


-game survives lost contact to steam servers
-trailers auto-disconnect when hit hard
-log crane setup improved
-camera behavior improved
-trucks of other players now move smoother in multiplayer
-GUI is now 3d and stretches according to resolution
-navigation mode interface improved (hotkeys behavior changed, arrows added)
-environment, interface sounds added
-graphics improved: sunrise time + DOF + particle effects (part 1/3)
-switching R <-> 1 gear rapidly (mouse/keyboard controls only) now makes vehicle get out of mud
-translations complete for all languages
-bug with locking garages when new player joins fixed
-multiple other bugs and crashes fixed
-G27 fixes (part 1/2)


-logs synced in MP


-receiving repairs or fuel in MP triggers UI animation
-mud physics improved yet again for all trucks (wheels with high angular velocity would slip with no traction)
-hood cameras (first iteration)
- graphics improved: chromatics aberration & camera bokeh overlay effects (part 2/3)
-damaged truck visuals improved slightly
-minor levels improvements


-DOF improvement
-SSAO improvement
-hood camera improvements (better positions)
-gamepad&steering wheel controls for Hood camera
-steering wheel improvements (clutch and stalling) + G27 fixes (part 2/2)
-maps improvements (holes in terrain, better heightmaps under trees)
-new UI messages animations
-correct MAZ "type d-535" rear suspension!
-sound works correctly in hood camera mode
-k-700 rotational mechanism implemented
-"flood" map game balance tweaks

Along with this new we want to share some screenshots that reveal some new content that is currently being developed. What may interest you, Pavel is working with few additional artists on new models and graphical effects.




Stay tuned for further info.

Oovee Team

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#67633 DEV260515 - Outcome of second meetings

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 26 May 2015 - 10:57 AM

Hi Everyone,


As you may or may not know, we had another meeting with Pavel recently to plan for the next couple of months. This outcome has covered us for the next 2 months and here is the itemized list, less release dates.


The reason for no release dates being set is due to us still awaiting the completion of the Mod support. From what I have been informed it is close to release - but the creases are being ironed out before it is made public. There would be nothing worse than to release a buggy mod support, so we are making sure it is finalized before release.


First Update (Estimated development time: 7 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed

 - Mud physics and too much in places, Inconsistent and too deep in places 
 - Xbox customize controls
 - Default camera will be mirrored for equal viewing around vehicle
 - Map cloaking off for easy mode as an option
Second Update (Estimated development time: 17 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed
 - SP saves fixed from loses upon updates.
 - MP saves
Free DLC (Estimated Development time: 29 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed
 - 1 - 2 new game modes
 - 1 - 2 trucks
 - 1 map
Any further information will be posted in due course, but this was the outcome of our meeting to ensure a basic schedule for the following months.
**UPDATE - Here are some screenshots over the Spintires editor and Truck viewer**
Attached File  editor.jpg   123.59KB   1246 downloads
Attached File  tools1.jpg   314.73KB   465 downloads
Attached File  tools2.jpg   442.5KB   369 downloads
Attached File  tools3.jpg   363.27KB   387 downloads

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#13275 Update #03-02-14

Posted by Zane Saxton - Oovee on 03 February 2014 - 03:13 PM

Hello off-roaders!


It's been a while since we provided you with an update and we hope you will accept our deepest apology. The development team has all hands on deck and we are speeding ahead, although I will confess that there have been a few bumps in the road along the way.


We had to delay multiplayer integration simply because it was a more difficult task than we first anticipated and would take more time to develop. Unfortunately this means that we have had to reduce some of the features we had initially planned and as such we have had to redesign our gameplay somewhat. Needless-to-say however, any reductions in features are only temporary and will likely be made available in a future update to the core game. This goes with our promise to continuously improve Spintires even after release.


I will make a public outreach here and ask if there are any experienced C++ Network Programmers that are willing to provide advice or possibly be involved in the development of SPINTIRES then please don't hesitate to contact me.


Regardless of this setback, we have been integrating a lot of gameplay elements and other improvements including:

  • Operational crane/crawl for loading logs.
  • Interactive truck components including folding trailers.
  • Winches and pull ropes.
  • Interactive rocks and other scenery assets.
  • Terrain cliffs.
  • Interactive bridges that can bend or collapse after stress.
  • Loading and unloading points.
  • Truck damage.
  • Truck fuel consumption and refuelling.
  • Ability to start and stop the engine.
  • New forest trees and foliage.
  • New Ural truck model.

I've attached some screenshots of these features in action. Remember that it's work in progress and a lot of items are just placeholders. 


If there are any questions you'd like to ask, please ask!


Best wishes,

Attached Files

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#38556 DEV250914 - Update information

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 25 September 2014 - 01:37 PM

Good afternoon Off-roaders,


A few days ago I mentioned in a topic on the forum that I would be providing you all with information and details of the next update.


So to begin with, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding - a company of our size cannot work as quickly as a lot of the larger companies. But let us not dwell on what hasn't happened, let us focus on what is to come. With the previous Dev Blog post outlining the basic overall plan of what is to be done, below I will provide you with the list of what we can see in the up and coming update.


This will be the first large update - the list reflects the workload that can be handled at a time and also allows for a shorter development time.


Bug Description

  -  Rocks bounce

  -  Trucks fly through air when connecting winch

  -  Supports can get stuck under ground

  -  Manually loaded logs bug 

  -  MP Map not synced after disconnect and rejoin

  -  When in MP lobby, buttons become greyed out when too many players join and leave

  -  Unknown floating bug in MP

  -  Remaining texture issues

  -  Remaining terrain issues

  -  Not all MP sessions show in lobby


Improvement Description


    ADD  -  HUD removal option for taking screenshots
    TWEAK  -  Increase water depth allowance when vehicle has Snorkel (UAZ)
    ADD  -  Single map saves
    TWEAK  -  Controller inputs need to be Anolog instead of Digital (throttle/brake)
    ADD  -  Freeroam camera
    ADD  -  Mod support
    TWEAK  -  Increase draw distance for high graphics settings


    ADD  -  Option to re-join last server
    TWEAK  -  Chat box: Allow scrollability and toggle.
    ADD  -  Show 'In Progress...' Games
    ADD  -  Last truck used
Estimated Launch date: 22/10/2014
*The date shown is an estimation based on a primary analysis of the contents of the update. The date above is subject to change - upon work reaching development targets, if necessary, the date will be changed to reflect progress and circumstances at that time. 
We would like to apologise for the delay, however, we are now back on track and able to bring you updates and more to the game in the future.
Happy trucking!

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#75527 Further delay to receipt of information

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 16 August 2015 - 09:40 PM

Hello everyone, 
Firstly, I would like to apologise that this statement is not bringing you any news on the detail of what is actually going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, due to it being holiday season, the responses and answers that we were awaiting for didn't come. We weren't made aware of this until the late hour on Friday, at which point we had to have a meeting in order to discuss the instant matter at hand - providing you with information. However, we are still trying to do everything we can our end and as I said before, we are still very much present.
As much as I dislike posting a statement with no information, I am still without the necessary details and it is incumbent that the right information is released at the right time. Rather than try to explain to you what is going on, I will once again wait for the authorisation to release a statement.
Please accept our apologies for this on going matter, regrettably there are some elements that are out of our control and even we must remain patient.

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#74936 Awaiting final confirmation

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 08 August 2015 - 07:25 PM

Hello everyone, we have been dealing with some issues lately and we thought the situation would be resolved by now, but unfortunately it isn't. We are limited in the information we can share with you at this time, but rest assured that we are working hard to get things sorted at our end and get the mod support update out to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued patience.
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#93224 Official Statement re bug issue and sabotage allegations

Posted by Tony Fellas - Oovee on 02 March 2016 - 09:28 PM

We are aware of recent press speculation relating to sabotage of the spintires game by the lead developer Pavel. We wish to express our displeasure at this speculation and totally refute these and other recent allegations. It is a shame that some press are reporting this without talking to us, and even saying in some articles they are yet to talk to us.

The situation on the bug is that we became aware of a major bug last week that caused the game to stop for some users. We have been working on this with Pavel since it came up.

Progress on the next planned update has been suspended while we sort the bug issue.

We believe we have now identified the problem and are now testing at this very moment a hot fix provided by Pavel, who is also ready to help further if needed. We're fully focused now on making the game work properly again, so please allow us to get this sorted first and we'll then be able to explain what has caused this and then carry on with future updates we have planned .

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#81059 DEV051015 - Update discussion

Posted by Tony Fellas - Oovee on 20 October 2015 - 04:54 PM

Ok here is where we are up to on the state of the update to spin tires

After 9 builds received in the last couple of weeks and a lot of testing and bug fixing we now have a build we are happy to release.

However due to lot of changes we need to update 17 of the 19 language (localization) files, this went to the translators yesterday

Once we get them back it is only a few hours to finish off And then release it via steam

We have been told it could take till Friday to get the translations done but we are pushing to get them sooner and release to you

We are almost there off readers!!!!!!
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#80804 DEV051015 - Update discussion

Posted by MarijnS95 on 17 October 2015 - 10:44 PM

You all need to cool down, this is getting ridiculous.

Think about this for a while:
  • Beta testing: Obviously everyone here has their own ideas regarding beta testing, and everyone is entitled to that opinion. Some members are riding the edge of personally insulting others based on this opinion, this is not tolerated. If you have any ideas to share regarding testing, do it in the specific beta testing topic (same rules apply there as well, keep it friendly and constructive);
  • Leaked beta is exactly that, a leaked beta. It's not official, and is thus not representative for the final build. It's considered piracy as well;
  • The update will be released when all gamebreaking bugs have been eliminated. This won't be any sooner if you ask - we will let you all know when it get's there. We're testing around the clock;
  • Keep your feedback constructive, and I repeat: Keep it friendly. Insulting someone based on opinion is unwanted an not necessary. It only makes you look stupid for not being able to behave in a 'debate'.
If people can behave again we might consider reopening this topic.

Apologies to everyone who behaved, there's always a few who ruin it for everyone.

Whilst I'll always accept constructive PM's, insulting or vulgar PM's will be strictly handled according to the forum rules. (do not be the third person doing so)
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#36765 DEV250814 - Information on updates and more....

Posted by Reece Bolton - Oovee on 25 August 2014 - 01:23 PM



As you know Oovee attended Gamescom this month. While there were mixed views from the community on our attendance, we are extremely happy with the outcome of the meetings that we had the opportunity to have with some of our partners.


Before I continue, I would like to share with you a very basic plan that I compiled to show you what we have noted and what we have planned:


Attached File  Spintires List.jpg   87.91KB   1205 downloads


Please note: Listed elements are subject to change.


Bugs: CORE

  • The items listed are trivial and not necessarily game breaking bugs, however, they are bugs that need to be fixed. These core bugs will be looked at and worked on as the start of the process to improve the game.


Bugs: MP

  • One of the main things we see with the multiplayer lobby is that only a very select few sessions show up in the lobby - compared to when we see that there are thousands in MP sessions. The bugs are mainly issues stemming from the lobby and the connection issues, which we will attempt to resolve but will be able to avoid further issues when we introduce dedicated servers.


Improvements: CORE

  • There are many improvements that we know are needed to the core program - as stated by a lot of people the camera is something that needs work, but please note this particular camera will take some time. With that in mind, overtime we will look to add more camera positions and a free roam camera.
  • Individual map saves is something I know a lot of users are crying out for and with more maps to come over time, this is definitely something that is going to be resolved.
  • The input for the throttle/brake is currently digital and not analog - for a reason I do not know. This will be rectified to resolve the issue with the 'on/off' action that we currently find with the brake and throttle at the moment when using the gamepad.
  • We know everyone loves to take screenshots, so we will look to add a screenshot mode that disables the HUD
  • We will add an option in the menu for transmission modes, this will be especially useful when we begin to look at the implementation of steering wheel support. We will also work to improve the transmission system itself, especially when in automatic mode.
  • The damage system will have some attention - while it may not have a visual change, it will change the way trucks are damaged and allow trucks to obtain damage in a more realistic way.
  • The draw distance will be improved - this will allow players with high end computers to be able to enjoy the game with full detail even at a distance. We will push the draw distance quality up high for the high setting. Which makes way for better experiences on 4K resolution and more.
  • Mod support, as you all know, is in high demand. We want to implement this as much as you want it, so I have made this a high priority for implementation.
  • Allowing players to select their vehicle might not come too soon, this is something we are looking into that will assist with game mode implementation.


Improvements: MP

  • These improvements will be worked on, however there may be some that will go hand-in-hand with the dedicated multiplayer servers.
  • Due to the high bandwidth usage, it was decided that until dedicated servers were introduced, we would reduce the load by not showing all vehicles on the maps - however, the I am hoping to have the vehicle system improved so that there aren't three instances of one vehicle. Hopefully it will work more a long the lines of: Player chooses from selection of trucks at beginning of game in menu > one/two trucks already at garage that any player can use > randomized locations of hidden vehicles.
  • Trucks already in the world will be interactive to all players but will only have one instance rather than that an instance of the vehicle to individual players.
  • The MP menu will be revised and improved to suit future needs of the game.


Game modes

  • We haven't dived into this area too much yet, the game modes that we have currently listed on our internal documents haven't been discussed and confirmed yet. However, as I was shown a link to a page yesterday, I will take some notes from there too and include community input.


Downloadable Content

  • Many of you are concerned that we are already planning DLC - don't panic! Improvements and Bugs are our priority. We most certainly do not intend on releasing any DLC before we have the game updated and improved with a majority of what we have listed in the bugs and improvements.
  • Oovee has been running for 10 years, we are very familiar with the market and what customers want. We know that customers don't want to pay for a shell, so we intend to fill the DLC with plenty to give our customers the most for their money.
  • The price is still to be confirmed, but more information will come when we officially announce the DLC, which won't be too soon.


New Features

  • The user interface needs an overhaul - we know this. We already have a few concepts on the table, but we aren't happy with them yet. This is not a high priority, so will be implemented in the future - once we have a concept we are happy with and we are coming to implementation, we will give you all a sneak peak.
  • Steam Workshop is quite a big task - it's a two week implementation process onto Steam and then also the implementation into game. Again, this has a low priority status, but we will come back to it once we have the updates and improvements made.
  • Full gamepad compatibility - due to the some of the future plans that were discussed with a couple of our partners at Gamescom, it is going to be necessary for all users to be able to play Spintires solely with the a gamepad. I am not at liberty, however, to discuss the details of these plans at this time.
  • As mentioned already, we will look into multiplayer servers - this is necessary to allow our large customer base to enjoy the full multiplayer experience. The dedicated servers will allow for a lot of improvements also.
  • Steering wheel support is going to take some work, but we know it is in high demand. Again, we have updates and other improvements that need to be made before we can implement this. 
  • Cockpit view - it is in high demand and will take a lot of work. If we are to do this, we are going to have to model all vehicles currently in game and all future vehicles too. Right now we have seven vehicles in-game and all of those would need to receive a cockpit view before we would be able roll out that sort of update. Hopefully you all understand that this feature will take some time to implement due to the workload of modeling the cockpits.
  • We have received some feedback on how Oculus already works with Spintires and it is rather positive. We have added this to our list of new features, but please bear in mind that this feature is only a recent development that we have decided upon so will have a very low priority and will most probably be that last feature to be worked on.


I have noticed that people are confused and concerned about free DLC. I was not able to provide a date, time frame or great detail on the matter as the details themselves are yet to be decided. They may not necessarily come in the form of DLC, as we may implement them directly into the game in an update. Once there is more information on this, I will share it we will be able to provide you with an outline of what to expect.


Unfortunately as for the details of our meetings with our partners, I am unable to share this information as a lot of it is strictly confidential and it is a preference that ventures progress somewhat before any announcements are made, so I apologise if I got anybodies hopes up.


If you have any questions that I may not have answered, I will do my best to answer them. Also, if there is anything I may have missed, again please don't hesitate to ask and I will answer your question and update the original post if necessary.

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#59563 Build (09/03/15 v2) - Default Public Build (Stable) update

Posted by Pavel Zagrebelnyy - Oovee on 15 March 2015 - 09:51 PM

Hello misters!

Ive read this thread, some good feedback! Responses:


1. problems with 3d glasses (ui, water) - noted, wil fix
2. new GUI dislikes - I dont understand that, looks 100% better to me, but I will make some improvements
3. mising xbox controller zoomout - sorry, removed by mistake
4. Changing gears hax working even without fuel - oh good find
5. FPS/performance drops - will have a look
6. xbox controller "cruise control" overriden by "hood camera" mode - my mistake, will fix :/
7. trailer detach threshold - increased
8. trailers without tractors - oh good find!!
9. problems with log sync in MP - will investigate
10. mud too soft - constantly changing/improving that, will make it harder


Im thinking up features/roadmaps/milestones/whatever by myself at this point - and I dont always have time/ability to look through all customer feedback.

Not like I dont care about it, but its often controversial - so to really see the vector leading to "good game" involves analysis, maybe I will be able to do this in future.


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